SOLD: 1982 Yamaha Seca Turbo, $5,000.00
Yamaha Seca Turbo

This bike has only 88 miles. Why 88 miles (it had 50 on it when I got it several years ago)?  My theory is that it was used very little in the early 80's and then was put on display for several Years until the fuel pump and carbs got gummed up.  After that, attempts to get it running probably failed and so it became a permanent sitter.  Well, it was a challenge but after becoming an unwilling expert on turbo fuel pumps, it is now running well.  You will not find a more collectable Yamaha Turbo. Perfect except for a small scuff on the front fender from shipping.

This is a photo of the actual bike. Click here for a higher resolution photo.

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